Case studies and testimonials

One of the greatest aspects of the job is seeing the end results and this is particularly true when it comes to lofts and extensions. The transformation can be amazing! Here are a few examples of some projects I have enjoyed working on and just what a different they have made.
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Case Study 1

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Case Study 1

Renovation work at a property in Worcester

We installed metal trunking in the loft space so that the cables are protected from rodents chewing through the cables, and also in this particular case, the loft contains a colony of bats. This level of protection is not normally required in a domestic property but because of the countryside location, there is a greater risk of pest intervention and also a regulatory requirement.

New kitchen
The property features a large number of 300 year old oak beams so we faced a challenge in concealing the cables without damaging the beams. Additionally, due to beams, configuring the lighting in the ceiling was the biggest challenge; too many lights would be unnecessary, not enough would create dark areas so we spent about half a day working out where everything was going so that we could ensure the customer was entirely happy with the layer prior to the builders closing the walls and ceiling in. It proved essential to take the time to create the right balance.  Effect lighting under and above the wall cupboards, and an LED strip in the opening of the Aga, was also fitted and the result was stunning!

Master bedroom
There was a similar situation in the bedroom, as it also has oak beams, but additionally, the ceiling is approx 3-5 meters high, so we had to decide on the best lighting solution to install. The architect had originally suggested down-lights, but with such a high ceiling we were uncertain that down-light would provide sufficient lighting for the space. After a discussion with the customer, hanging lights measuring over 1 meter tall were commissioned and crafted by a local blacksmith and fitted in the room which proved highly effective. In addition to the overall lighting in this room, we wanted to highlight the oak beams as they are a main feature. The perfect solution was high powered LED up-lighters that enhanced the beam structure and made the whole room visually impactful.

What the owners had to say...
"Thanks Anthony, you did a wonderful job in rewiring the old place and adding all of the extra fittings. We knew when we bought the property it wasn't going to be easy but thanks to your problem solving ability and patience the result is fantastic!"