As standards improve and quality gets progressively better, there is always a need for change to keep your property safe and your family secure. Being a family man myself, I take great care in what I do be it changing a plug or re-wiring a house and, I adhere to the latest standards and only use top quality components. Why not give us a call to discuss the many options available on
07789 276239.
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Consumer Unit replacement

What you need to know:
Consumer unit is another name for fuseboard
• Can be changed to comply with new, safer standards
• On completion a Electrical Installation Condition Report is issued

Otherwise known as a “Fuseboard change”, this is an upgrade of an existing Consumer Unit, the point of main isolation and control for an installation. It often involves at the same time, the upgrade of the main protective bonding conductors to comply with BS7671 (usually to incoming water/gas/oil supplies). It is extremely common for clients to request replacement of their consumer unit, without any known faults. I make a point of explaining that if they have not yet had the installation fully tested, issues may come to light when the new board is energised. This is simply because the new circuit breakers and associate RCDs (Residual Current Devices) are doing their job! I always carry out a thorough inspection and test of any installation where I replace the fuse board, and issue an Electrical Installation Condition Report (Previously known as a Periodic Inspection Report), or Electrical Installation Certificate in the case of a completely new installation.
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Complete home or property rewiring

What you need to know:

• Plan to have your property rewired prior to decorating
• Full or partial rewiring undertaken
• Our aim is to reduce stress by cleaning up and making as little mess as possible as a rewire can be an upheaval

Sometimes, clients think as an after thought about rewiring a property, having completed the final decoration and floor finishing for their property. It makes far more sense to get your electrics checked and if necessary tackle a rewire before this point, as rewiring can be an upheaval and a messy job. BS7671 regulations have changed over the years in order to make the safety of our electrical installations paramount. I undertake full or partial rewires, which entails removing the old wiring and installing new, along with new accessories (switches/sockets etc). I take great care to limit disruption and tidy and clean up as I go along, and I always try and get things done with as little inconvenience as possible. The package always includes a new consumer unit in the case of a full rewire. If you are not sure if your property needs rewiring, feel free to contact me and I can arrange to visit. It’s not just about the colour of the cables in your property and lots of DIY can be a bad sign. However, it may be that it is not in bad condition and that a test and inspection will pick up any faults that require rectifying.
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Kitchens and bathrooms

What you need to know:

• Minimise stress with careful planning
• New regulations must be taken into account - discuss prior to commencement
• Wide range of fittings available to enhance the installation, ask for details

I know from personal experience that these are two of the largest and stressful projects that most people undertake at home. That’s why I take time to discuss thoroughly a client’s ideas and wishes so that the electrical installation is well suited to their new kitchen or bathroom. There are specific regulations relating to electrical installations in these areas for safety reasons and I have to ensure that the job meets these. It is becoming more popular to incorporate as efficient low energy lighting as possible, such as LED lights, and having used a variety of products and brands available on the market I can offer good advice to my clients regarding the available options.
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New builds/lofts and extensions

What you need to know:

• Wide experience in working with building firms
• Working to deadlines is standard
• Will go the extra mile to ensure the project is a success

Are you having some major work done to your property and you need a reliable and enthusiastic, hard working company to install the electrics? Well I work closely alongside local building firms who undertake all kinds and size of building projects. I ensure that the electrical installation meets local building control and that all jobs are tailored to individual needs. I work well with other trades in order to ensure that the project targets are met, and I will go the “extra mile” to complete the work on time where necessary.
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Inspection and testing

What you need to know:

• Useful service for landlords to ensure property is safe
• Standard procedure in completing a rewire or new build etc.
• An MOT for the electrics in your property

This is the final part of the package in the case of an addition or alteration to an existing installation, or in the case of a rewire. However, it can also be carried out as a stand alone job, such as perhaps due to the change in occupancy of a property, on behalf of landlords who are renting property out, or if there are specific concerns over the state and safety of an installation. It will determine whether the condition of the installation is satisfactory according to current regulations. I sometimes call it it an ‘MOT’ for your electrics in your property. Minor issues might simply be noted as requiring improvement, but if serious faults are identified, they must be rectified before a satisfactory report can be confirmed and issued.
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Portable appliance testing

What you need to know:

• Safety is paramount
• Minimise risk of shock or fire
• An MOT for the electrics in your property

Knowing your smaller appliances are completely safe can give a real sense of peace of mind and as such, I am often asked to carry out tests for clients. Portable Appliance Testing is carried out at your property or place of business and is charged on request.
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Outdoor power and lighting

What you need to know:

• All outside installations undertaken
• Security lighting
• Shed or garage power and lighting

I carry out installations to garages, sheds, gardens etc according to my client’s designs to ensure that these meet BS7671. Perhaps you need some sockets in your shed or garage, but you don’t want to risk a terrible DIY job going wrong, especially with outdoor power. Or perhaps due to safety and security reasons you need some external lighting? Or maybe you’d just like to add to your garden design with some appropriate lighting to help create a particular ambience. I enjoy these projects and would love to discuss your ideas and requirements with you.
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Energy efficient lighting/LEDs

What you need to know:

• The greener alternative
• Long lasting, energy efficient
• Lots of styles to choose from

With green issues in the forefront of people's minds these days, many of my customers are enquiring about energy efficient lighting and in particular LEDs. This new type of lighting has several advantages over the old style light halogen bulbs and even fluorescent tubes in that it is far more energy efficient and has a much greater life span. There are a great many solutions available so if you are looking to start changing the way you light your property, talk to Anthony and get an idea of what's available.
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Boilers and heating systems

What you need to know:

• Highly experienced in heating systems
• Hard wired and wireless systems
• Supply and fit service or supply only

I have extensive experience with heating systems and I work alongside several plumbers. I can offer advice about systems that I have worked with in order to ensure that the system you choose functions efficiently, both hardwired and wireless. I have experience in wet underfloor heating, working with various makes and models and I also supply and install electric underfloor heating in bathrooms and kitchens.
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TV/radio/USB and BT points

What you need to know:

• Keep cables tidy, no mess, no fuss
• Can fit points anywhere in a property
• Wall mounted USB charging points

Many believe you have to get BT or an “aerial man” to put in new points for TVs and phones. However, as long as you have a main aerial on your roof and a master BT point, I can undertake installation of additional points around the property as required. Due to the huge increase in portable electronic devices, I am being asked about the installation of USB points in properties. These handy charging points make keeping your device charged a breeze and is a reasonably strait-forward job. Please ask for details.
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